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World’s Top Outstanding Buildings With A Longer Sustainability Value

With the global warming looming over our heads, it is not surprising that we are looking to have greener buildings that can sustain longer in this world. It is not just an era of beautiful and artistic architecture. But it is also an era of having sustainable and striking architecture. We need our houses, offices and all our buildings to look stylish and yet want them to be able to sustain this evolving climate change.

Let us take a look at the World’s Top Outstanding Buildings With A Longer Sustainability Value

Buildings With A Longer Sustainability Value

One Angel Square

Located in the United Kingdom, this building belongs to the Co-operative group and houses their headquarters. It has nearly 3000 people residing within its walls and was recently the proud owner of the “Outstanding” rating on BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology). Now why is this on the list of top five sustainable buildings?  The CHP system which powers this building is powered by rapeseed oil which is grown in the farm land of the Co-operative group. Any energy in excess is rotated back to the grid for further usage. The building also has LED lights, harvests rain water and recycles waste.

The Crystal

Another building in United Kingdom, this building has an “Outstanding” rating not just from BREEAM but also a ‘Platinum’ rating from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Located in the eastern London, this building offers a future vision void of fossil fuel. The entire building runs on electricity generated by solar panels and the LED lights on the building are used based on the amount of sunlight that is filtered through. The rainwater gets collected on the roof and the sewage is recycled. What more do you need to be part of the top five sustainable buildings?

One Bryant Park

Next among the top five sustainable buildings is the tower of Bank of America in New York. The first green building to get the Platinum certification from LEED, this building has CO2 monitors, own generation plant producing clean energy, waterless urinals and of course LED lightings.

Shanghai Tower

As the name indicates this is in China. Shanghai has seen rapid development of skyscrapers over the years and this tower is the tallest second only to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The structure features wind turbines on the top which powers the lighting in the outer areas while the inner sanctum is lighted with the natural sunshine that floods through the transparent skins. There are smart control elements to monitor power usage owing to lighting and heating which along with other features ensure that it saves nearly 34k metric tons of carbon foot print every year.

Pearl River Tower

Another feature in China which has made the list of top five sustainable buildings in the world. Standing tall at 309 meters, this tower uses solar energy through panels for their lighting and wind turbines for generating cleaner energy. The design of the tower ensures that the wind is pushed towards the turbines making it the greenest building ever built.

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