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Top Ten Travelling Tips That Are Lifesavers

A life without traveling isn’t worthwhile. Yes, a life is completely unthinkable without traveling. Living with that 6-word sentence has made me spend 1,825 days (5 YEARS!!) away from my home country. You can call me an addict or a lunatic (by the way, my wife does all the time) but you can’t take away the fact that packing your bags and flying off to another geographical location, somewhere totally different, the culture, the language, the color — is totally amazing! I’ve gone to places I never think existed, lived with people with different mindset, and sensed amazing cultures but in that, I’ve learned a few Travelling Tips when on the road. 10 of them precisely, I’ve classed them and am sharing them with you.

Travelling Tips
Travelling Tips

Here are the Top Ten Travelling Tips

Get a Camera

This is one of the fundamental items when you’re traveling. I can’t imagine a journey without memorable photos and videos to stock. Be device-ready, that’s what I call it. Bring your camera all along, take pictures, record videos, amazing things are bound to happen so it’s crucial you are on standby. Don’t forget to fully charge it too. (What’s the essence of a car without gas?).

Back up your bio documents

At the airport, packed and suited for my journey to Buenos Aires, the now bankrupted city of Argentina, I witnessed a lady having to pay $600 for leaving ONLY a passport sized photograph behind.  I was in total awe, but lesson learnt that day and I always scan my documents and send a backup of them to my DropBox account. I recommend you also do the same, it’s an immense lifesaver

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Stash some bucks

During my stay at Brussels, Belgium in a 4 star hotel. We had launch, I and a friend of mine we met along the way. I insisted on paying for it, but my ATM surprisingly was short of money. I was totally embarrassed and he paid for it.  I can’t really count how many times that happened, but since then on I stash some cash under my shoes, or in my socks.

Blend with the locals

You might think it’s more fun being with travelers like yourself. Well, you’re wrong. Part of the adventure is meeting different people of diverse ethnicity, it might seem hard to you, cause of the language but combine simple and basic English sentences with hand gestures and you’ll be amazed how easy it is. Say “Hello” at first, ask names, use clever body language to describe what you mean and people will have fun talking to you, vice versa. People enrich your travel more than your eyes

Sit down and observe

Find a location away from noise, sit down and observe how people engage, slow down your thoughts, be in slow-mo,..  Just for a moment be free and while being relaxed, feel the things around you– the air, the smell, the colors, you’d be in exuberant mood. Trust me.! :-)

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Take lots of pictures

You may be seeing these people for the first and perhaps the last time in your life, and may never have such opportunity again because you can’t travel back in time, so snap loads of pictures. Actually, the adventure lies in the souvenirs you take.  You can then tell Sarah ‘I took this pic with this young lad at the Park on a hectic Tuesday’.

Being Open Minded Helps

Having the feeling that you’re always right and they are wrong is disgusting. Be open, listen to people’s own perspective on things, don’t judge people on their ways of life due to the fact it doesn’t concur with yours.  Be patient and picture yourself in their shoes, what would you say? What would you do?  Nobody says it’s going to be all your way. There are over 10 billion people in this world and you can’t have the same mindset. Your opinions must vary, but try to adapt and assume a different personality. That’s the adventure, that’s money well spent.

Tipping is great

A cool way to say “Thank you mate for the hard work” to your hotel staff is to tip them. Few dollars is quite fair, but don’t try the compliment under the pillow because in most cases, hotel staffs are instructed against moving customer items.

Thanks for reading my piece, be sure to drop a comment telling us some of your travelling tips.


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