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Top Five Prisons in the World and their security level and features

Prisons are the places that effortlessly scare the bravest of souls. Stern looking jailors, high end security and appalling living conditions, these are just a few characteristics of a prison. But some prisons of the world go several miles ahead and make their prisons the most secured prisons that instill the sense of sheer fear in the very nerves of bravest of prisoners.

Top Five Prisons in the World and their security level and features

Here are the top five prisons in the world

ADX Florence, United States

It would not be an exaggeration to call this prison a perfect example of most secured prison in the whole world. This prison is the ultimate prison that secures number one position in the list. The situations here repeatedly and constantly remind the prisoners that they are in a prison.

Sleep is the last thing they can think of when inmates lie on their poured concrete bed. As that was not enough, there is a single, combined unit for toilet, water fountain and sink. A good thing is that the inmates have desk and television. But there’s a catch here too. The desk and stool are made of concrete and are immovable. The black and white television only telecasts religious services and closed circuit classes.

There is an inner courtyard too but the inmates don’t have a direct access to it. They can only look at it through their window that is only four inch wide. Prisoners are not allowed to come out of their cubicles and have to spend the whole day there.

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, United States

Due to the appalling conditions of the prison, 36 prisoners made as many as 14 attempts to break the prison. In fact even if the whole structure of the prison would have been removed almost none of the inmate could have run loose. The whole prison was structured as a fortress. That is because the location of the prison was an island surrounded with water, deep and dangerous. Finding some most dangerous sea animals wasn’t a rarity.

If one could brave the those formidable jaws, the depth and length of the water was a pure danger/ One needed to swim as much as 1.5 miles even to reach the nearest mainland shore. Thanks to the salt water of the sea that eroded the building significantly due to which the prison was finally closed down. The prison housed some of the most formidable criminals of all time like Machine Gun Kelly, Whitey Bulger, Al Capone and Rafael Miranda.

La Sante Prison France

This prison takes the security to much higher levels. They are aware that even the most stringent rules and security cannot avoid the brave from escaping the prison. Where there is a will there is a way, err, ways. There are many ways of running away and drainage system is one of the most used ways. So the prison has even planned and designed the drainage system in such a way that it takes one either to the blind, narrow alleys or a never ending maze that leads to nowhere.

Federal Correctional Complex (Terre Haute), United States

Whether a prison is located on an island or has 24 hours security guards to keep an eye on prisoners, help is always at hand for prisoners if they succeed in affecting or influencing the security guards. They can bribe them, threaten them or influence their conscience. So this prison employed a noble thought: replace the people with technology.

The prison has employed various high tech systems to monitor even the minutest movement of prisoners. The 360 degree views rendered by surveillance cameras and iniquitous motion detector sensors give moment to moment updates of each and every activity going on inside the prison. The face detection technology eliminates the risks of unauthorized entry. No cell can be opened in traditional way as each cell has a biometric lock. The number of security guard is kept to bare minimum.

Souza Baranowski Center, United States

Living in Souza Baranowski Center is like living in a public place where even the minutest activity cannot be hidden form the set of eyes that matter the most. The prison just not employs a surveillance system but the most effective surveillance system specifically developed by the brightest minds of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The laboriously developed surveillance system uses multi aspect approach to record each moment of the day.

Not only is this the camera equipped with camera matrix system that can record every activity in any possible angle of the prison. The doors are completely controlled electronically and a large area outside the facility is monitored 24 hours a day. Talk less of humans; it seems that even a small ant will find it difficult to escape from the prison.


Though none of the prisons in the article is less than impressive, the final vote goes to ADX Florence, United States because of its most Spartan living conditions and the highest level of security. Due to these conditions it is constantly reminded that this is a real prison.

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