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Why Tom Hardy might become mainstream star after the outstanding 2015

Tom Hardy had an awesome year, With 3 critically acclaimed and commercially hit movies. We’ll speculate about why the versatile actor might finally become a star and get the stardom he deserves. If you are a Tom Hardy fan, you were sure thrilled about your favorite actor’s awesome movies and all the standing ovation he got for all of his performances.

Starting with the summer blockbuster and one of the Oscar front runner Mad Max: Fury Road. It was praised for it’s almost every aspect and sits comfortably at a whopping 97% rating at rotten tomatoes and 8.2 in IMDB. Tom Hardy’s image as America’s last bad-ass was renovated in a wildly feral Max Rockatansky. The role was praised just like everything else about the movie. With realistic action in almost every Tom Hardy action movie, he is literally getting his name sealed as best realistic action hero.

Action hero Tom Hardy

His second movie of the year – Legend, the biopic set in 1960’s Britain about the life of notorious gangster and identical twins – The Kray brothers. He played both (obviously). He didn’t just get the acclaim, indeed some of the viewers were left questioning who the other actor was. Tom Hardy’s voice modulation, body language, make-up and expressions made it hard to believe that both are actually the same actors. Tom had some personal nominations for his performances in a few awards too.

The Third Movie of the year was Last year’s Oscar winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant alongside the famous Leonardo DiCaprio. Yet again he played a complete bad-ass who was sometimes downright horrifying. Playing the role of primary antagonist John Fitzgerald, this revenge drama set in 1800’s America beat Mad Max: Fury Road in terms of number of Oscar nominations including one for Tom Hardy himself in Best supporting actor category. Although he has stiff competition against Christian Bale and Sylvester Stallone for The Big Short and Creed respectively.

All in all, Tom has played so many bad-ass roles but all of them significantly different, that’s how great talent he has. With a Blockbuster, a solo and a main antagonist in star studded movie, surely Tom Hardy has made his mark in 2015. And for the future, he has Mad Max series’ future movie and is also set to be in leading in Christopher Nolan’s next “Dunkirk” – A World War II drama. With a lead role in well known Mad Max series as well as a Christopher Nolan movie in hand Tom Hardy might at last be a star, deservingly. And as the Name and fame increases, he might get even more offers. He is also rumored to play Tom Clancy’s in movie adaptation of Ubisoft’s stealth video game with same name. This will grab the attention from the huge gamer community which is huge and getting bigger. Being 37, Tom has almost 15 years of active future.

Surely Action genre is becoming his best bet with movie like The Dark Knight Rises, The Warrior, Bronson and Inception as awesome past performances, including movies from this year and even more great action movies lined in the future, Tom might end his future being one of the greatest action heroes, standing proudly between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Keanu Reeves!

We all hope for the best and pray for the outstanding actor to have a great future. And keep entertaining us with more magnificent performances.

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