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Are you a Tea Addict ? As the rains bring in the breezy drizzle and cold waves, it might be the perfect time to savor in the delicacies with a hot cup of tea. One cup of tea is that thread which has been binding our lives over sacred bonds of love, friendship and lots of gossip. A recent study discovered that the very next liquid to water is tea. It has a foothold in more than 80% of the world population. So, that made our brain cells to ponder as to how tea has been a part and parcel of our lives since eternity. Here, we also let you enlighten on the facts which you probably were very much aware of.

Tea Addict
Tea Addict

Start the day with a bang!!

As the sun rays falls on the curtains, your drowsy eyes and sleepy mind long for that cuppa tea. It is the first thing I see in my morning. One cup of tea is the perfect start to a new dawn. The fragrance of the fresh brewed tea is enough to draw you towards it. Nothing more can activate the tricky cells like a cup of tea. Tea is emerging as the most popular breakfast in the World. It can be with cookies or a slice of bread. A day starting so perfect will go on to be perfect.

All the friends in town? Let us meet over a cup of tea

All the conversations would come to a halt without a cup of tea. A toast to Sauvé cup that has been the life tag of friendship and family time!! It has been a witness to all the gossip in town and jokes about the cousins.

Brewing love all over world

Forget the cupid king. Tea is the new cupid in the present age. Can you remember any love story without the simple mention of Tea? It is inevitable on the part of a love story brewing without some help from tea. It is the aroma that makes the ambiance so romantic.

A part to the beauty regime

You’ve been struck by the acne bug? No worries. A tea bag is your all time solution to acne and spots. Tea leaves contains the anti oxidants and ascorbic acid which helps reduce the production of sebum. It hydrates the body and keeps the fluids balanced in our body. No wonder, tea is the all time favorite of all beauty queens.

To the health freaks out there, here a cup of flavonoids for you

Some rumors are afloat about the addiction that tea is giving around. To all of them, I will happily declare myself as an addict. The health doctors even gave tea a nod for our body. It contains all the flavonoids that helps the body fight germs and even prevent serious troubles like heart attacks. Regular dosage of green tea has been a helping hand to the dietitians. Not only is it hydrating but also helps fight cancer. Isn’t it enough of reasons to shun the bane and welcome that sip of tea?

Plunge onto the sea of colours and variety

Tea comes in many colors and varieties. There is the green tea, lemon tea, black tea, cardamom tea, milk tea…. And the list goes on. As the taste varies; so does the benefits. There is a cup of tea ready for every occasion.

Nothing can overcome a dead beat day than a cup of tea

A stressful day it was! Thanks to the fast paced life we are living in. Loads of stress and work pressure can leave the body and mind exhausted. Here comes the magic cup of stress buster- the tea. It can warm up the body and put you at peace.

Let’s pop on the kettle and brew some of the magic dollops of love and health…!

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