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Supernatural Powers And Why Not to Mess With The Spirit World

When I say supernatural, I am not talking about the Winchester Brothers, who go hunt evil. That’s a fiction. What you are going to read further is more like what your ancestors told you. You would have heard things like; don’t eat sweet before you go out, or why you shouldn’t carry sweets when you’re travelling, or why you shouldn’t cross a four way road and so on… Every myth has a very interesting story. But, what matters is, how much of it do you really believe in? You would have read books, seen movies or heard stories from your friends or families. Some of you might laugh it off, some of you might freak out. I am not going to ask you to believe in anything. Because, until you feel or experience it, you won’t understand and nor will you believe it. I am just going to share a few experiences and make an effort to let you understand the depth of this subject.


Firstly, I want to introduce you to the term Parapsychology.

Parapsychology: Parapsychology is one of the vast fields but yet unknown to many. This field of psychology has been a topic of controversies from a very long time. This is one field that should not be ignored, but none are accepting it either. There has to be a reason for not accepting, yes, there is a reason, because the scientists and the doctors think that this is just for entertainment. They do not know the seriousness that lies behind it. One has to have the confidence, stability, positive thinking, strong instincts and the ability to go through all the obstacles and difficulties in this field. According to research, one should be a spiritual believer to know what is happening. The journey will be horrifying one, but, fruitful. There are end number of people, and most of them who are not spiritual or religious will not believe that it is wrong to cross the road if a black cat walks across you. But, scientifically talking, that would be a superstition.

But, when it comes to parapsychology or experiencing paranormal, one has to make sure that they don’t take this field lightly. Because there will be a day when parapsychology will be the only answer to your abnormal/paranormal behavior. Overall, putting across this point in a simple way is that this is not an entertainment. This is a field which seems simple, yet complex. It may seem like people know about it, but are yet unknown.

To give you a better view, I will share a true story.

Neha, a 16 year old girl, was my neighbor. She is a very happy go lucky kind of girls, very jovial and fun loving. She never believed when her grandma spoke about evil. She always laughed it off. She had to face the consequences. There was this time when she was playing with her friends outside her house when she saw a White cloth hanging from a tree (more like a Saree). She told her friends to look at it. No one could see it, but her. She freaked out and ran to her house and hugged her mother. No other incidents took place that day. Next day, in the morning, she was getting ready to go to school, she walked towards the washroom and opened the door and she screamed. She saw a lady in a White Saree… she was floating in the air… everyone came out and saw that there was nothing. Her parents started to worry. They took her to the doctor, and they were told that it’s just her mind. They used to give her sleeping pills so that she could sleep properly. She started to get weak day by day. She hardly spoke to people. She would suddenly start crying or laughing. One day, she was sitting in the hall as her mother cooked lunch for her. Neha was alone in the hall, and the entrance to her house was visible to her, the door was open. She was looking at the kids play and suddenly, she saw that lady standing outside her house and staring at her… she screamed really loud. Her mother ran to the hall and looked at where Neha was pointing, there was nothing, but Neha could still see the lady, she kept screaming.

My uncle heard her scream and went to her house and when he was outside her house Neha stopped him, she said she will hurt you, please go away, he looked around, there was no one. He came to where Neha was and asked her what the matter is. She pointed at the lady outside, but my uncle told her there was nothing, he also told her that I came inside and nothing harmed me, see? Neha looked at my uncle and said: Uncle, you walked through her. Everyone was disturbed. No one knew what to do about it. My uncle decided to get her home so that she could play with her kids which would divert her mind. She refused to leave her house because she could still see the lady. Neha’s mom went to the Pooja room and got Kumkum and applied it on Neha’s forehead and asked her to go… she looked outside, the lady had disappeared. She came home with uncle and started to talk to us, we tried to divert her mind and as we were playing, she suddenly started crying… she went and sat at the sofa in the living room. We all followed her, she was staring at a blank space in the lawn. She would cry and fear… we asked her if she could see someone, she said no. she told us that she was scared.

I had gone to get her water and she suddenly screamed and pointed at that spot she was staring at previously. She kept saying, she’s here, she’s here… she kept asking someone to go away… we couldn’t see anyone. But looking at her, we all freaked out. We started screaming and called our parents. They came and took her to her house. Everyone was worried. That’s when Neha’s grandmother had come home and she asked them to take Neha to my Masi. (My Masi was murdered, and apparently she is a good spirit. There are 100’s of people who come to my Masi to solve their problems. I had been there too, I never believed in all this. But, I started to, after seeing all this myself). They took her to my Masi, told her what Neha had been going through. Masi told them that she had crossed a four way path a few days back and also, there was something that she stepped on over there. When they asked Neha if it was true, she recalled and accepted that she did, while she was playing. They gave her a holy locket which she had to wear and she was asked to follow the things my Masi would tell to ward off the evil. She had to place a pot upside down on the four way road that she had crossed, recite a ritual and walk off without turning around. Masi had warned her that, she will hear a lot of screams which might hurt her ears and she might feel the negative energy pulling her back but she has to be strong and positive. She did as she was asked. She said it was difficult. But she did it. She recovered. Neha, along with her family shifted to Assam after this incident. She was happy and didn’t see anything. Her life seemed normal, but not for too long. She took the locket off thinking that the problem was over. She was wrong. I last heard that she has started to see things again. But, I have not met or heard from her family since then. We all hope that she gets fine.

So, people, there are certain things we all should understand… there is good and bad in this world. We just need to understand how and why things happen. You won’t have all the answers, but a little awareness and positive attitude towards a few things might help you learn and understand things that are beyond nature. So next time, when you are asked to do a certain thing a certain way in context to supernatural, I would only ask you to Beware. Troubles don’t knock at your doors before entering. Stay happy, stay blessed, and stay safe. Happy Reading!!

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