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SEO For Millennials – Why Search Engine Optimization is Dominated By Millennials

SEO For Millennials ?

With SEO “professionals” popping up everywhere, it’s easy to see why many of the younger generation are pursuing it. Here are a few of said reasons to Why SEO For Millennials or Why Search Engine Optimization is Dominated By Millennials



Remote: You can do this type of work anytime, anywhere. Heck, you could live in your mom’s basement and run be a 6-figure SEO (some actually do this).

Flexibility: You can work on anyone’s website from anywhere. This makes the market extremely big. There’s always someone in need of your services.

Need: Virtually every local business needs a web presence, and what better way to go than some tech-savvy millennial?

Low Entry Barriers: The fact that anyone with a laptop can claim to be an SEO is both great and terrible at the same time. Business owners are worried about their own operations and rarely have time to vett everyone claiming they have the golden search bullet. This is why every business owner I talk to has had one (or multiple) bad experiences with SEO. This sad fact also makes me look good when I can fulfill the promises that multiple others could not.

I myself am a millennial, and my Boise SEO company, Morningdove Marketing specializes in helping these exact types of clients- those who have almost lost their faith in search engine optimization. When they’re able to see that their money is being spent well, they are ecstatic. This can happen whether or not the person doing the work is a millennial, however.

Traditional marketers range in age, but the average is much higher than search marketing and SEO. So this begs the question, why are most SEO’s so young?

The easiest answer is “because SEO itself is so young”. SEO began as search engines started to pop up, but it wasn’t really a major industry until the late 2000’s. Now, however, the competition can get fierce and one must know their stuff. Another reason SEO is dominated by millennials is because it is more suited to their personalities. We grew up with technology advancing rapidly and can adapt to its evolution. We’re not afraid to take risks, which is a key element in testing various tactics and SEO ideas. In short, SEO is made for millennials.

So the question isn’t “is SEO just for millennials?” It’s more like, “SEO is being dominated by Millennials. Now what?”

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