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Five Reasons Why PPC Should Be Part of Online Marketing Strategy

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is an online advertising strategy which aims to drive direct traffic to the website. It is based on “auction like” model with defined rules where website pays to search engines or social media platform for displaying their ads. You need to bid for the ad placement where the ad will be displayed in Google when people search them in Google.  Here are the Five reasons why PPC should be part of online marketing strategy

PPC Should Be Part of Online Marketing

  1. Cost Effective

One of the reasons why PPC should be part of online marketing strategy is that it is cost effective, you know about your investment and you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. It is a best way to boost your website, if utilized in a right way. It is also true that if you didn’t place your campaign in the right order you will end up draining your budget. For this it is must that you bid on the right keyword and make your consumer land on the right landing page.

  1. Increase in Visitor

Each and every website is designed by keeping visitor in consideration. For example, some online website sales only female dresses, some gents, some kids and so on. So all online review websites need a targeted visitor to visit their website. You can go for Facebook Ads, where you can define targeted audience based on many demographic characteristic. PPC can help you to generate your targeted audience that can potentially lead to high conversion rate.

  1. Quick and easy way to test if your product sells

PPC is a great way to check if you can sell your product easily through your website page. If your ad generates visitor to land on your landing page and still didn’t purchased anything from your website, clearly shows that something is not perfect in your landing page.

A website that doesn’t follow the path of testing and optimizing the landing page and think that their website will work and the product will generate sell are fooling them self. The click through ads and low conversion rate gives information about lacking aspect you need to work on it.

  1. PPC can show results very quickly

Unlike waiting for long to see improvement in organic search, PPC can help you to generate traffic in short span of time. Organic search is important, however having increase in traffic through PPC is not bad. For example, PPC campaign on Monday can help to you see good result on the very next day.

  1. Re-targeting or Re-marketing your visitor

Re-targeting or re-marketing is a method where you can create a new campaign and target those consumers that visited your website last time but did not get converted. Through PPC you have a database of these consumers and can re-target them by offering new offer to revisit your website and complete the purchase process, thus can lead to increase in sale and revenue.

Here is how to create a successful PPC marketing campaign

Advertisement should be relevant with high quality scores: Relevance and high score are important. Relevance means how the focus keyword is used in the Ad is associated with lading pages, and how relevant it is to search consumer. The quality score is calculated for each search that matches with your keyword. This means the higher the relevance, the higher the quality score your ads will generate

Manage your keywords: You must be aware that keyword management is very important. The more research is done on the keyword before the launch of the campaign, the more it will be beneficial.

In-depth campaign setting: You must have a basic knowledge about the setting, so that you can optimize your ads to gain success.

Unique selling propositions: You need to have some unique selling propositions that set you apart from the competitor. If you offer different or unique than what your competitor is offering, you will surely generate revenue.

An effective call to action: It is very important that your PPC ads clearly explain what a consumer need to do next. The consumer should not be confused about the buying process of your website, if this happens, the consumer will exit from your website.

Do split testing: Split testing means checking or testing small changes or variation before implementing.

Must have effective landing pages: Your landing page must be relevant to what your PPC ads are saying. After a user click on the ads, it’s all about your landing page that will make the user to go ahead or quit.

Conclusion: PPC Takes Time

After reading these 5 reasons why PPC should be part of online marketing strategy, you need to remember that the PPC is game of patient people. The trick never works at once, PPC takes time. You need to be patient, you need to run campaigns for at least 3-6 months before you say that PPC is of no use. To sum up PPC is an integral part of online marketing, all you need to be patient in this long run.

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