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Reliable online health resources to keep yourself updated on your health

Your physical and mental health is very important at every stage of your life. At times we sacrifice our health in order to meet career goals, family responsibilities and our personal achievements. As a result, your health issues become more complicated proving hindrance in your professional and personal life. With technology our lives certainly has become easier and hence, you need not to sacrifice your health as these online resources are there to keep a tab on your health. The below online health resources are as reliable as your family doctor. So no worry and become online health savvy.

online health resources
online health resources

Electronic Health Record and Patient portal

We are living in paper-free environment and so don’t wonder if you were guided to visit a patient portal. These days most healthcare centers feeding patients’ data in Electronic Health Record and is given access to the patients. Once you have access to the site you will have a separate sign up for the Patient Portal. That means, you can any time view your personal health record; receive lab results; make appointments with your doctor or order prescription refills. Your health information is entirely controlled by you.

Free health-centered mobile apps

Mobile has revolutionized from mobile to e-mobile. There are several online free apps available to download on your smart phone and start keeping a tab on your health. Checking electrical activity of your heart, blood pressure count and many other things can help you to read the activities without spending unnecessary money on these medical tests. Mobile apps such as “Healthifyme” is a weight loss app; “Blood Pressure Companion” lets you measure your blood pressure and heart rate and “Cardiograph” is a heart-healthy tool to check your heart rate.

Top health websites  

Many health conscious people complain about not having medical updates. But not anymore as today we have top health-themed sites and news portals that offer fresh medical updates from across the world. Current happenings in medical sphere, latest health trends or finding information on past medical research you can find everything at one click of your mouse. Some of the top health news sites are:






Online health e-magazine

E-magazines are one of the online resources one can read any time of the day. You may either keep print version of health magazines or visit their sites. Some health magazines are specifically focused on women’s health. On the other hand, these magazines can be a great source for medical students for their case studies. The best part of e-magazines is they are specific in nature. From men’s health, body-building, runners only to women’s health, you can find a wide variety of these magazines. Visit these e-magazines to know home remedies, health related information and many more:





Additionally, these e-magazines offer to subscribe for their daily news and updates. So you can have health dose everyday directly in your mailbox.

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