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Nodejs development for realtime applications Why startups choose Nodejs

In most cases your startup idea will be made into applications by Java developers as it is considered as the default or the popular language of web. Before the NodeJS, the JavaScript was primarily used for client-side scripting. Nodejs enables JavaScript to be used for server-side scripting. The emergence of the NodeJS allows one to run scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user’s web browser.

This is a great advantage for developers as they can develop application around a single programming language. NodeJS has set them free from their old misery of relying on a different language for writing server side scripts.

Nodejs development for realtime applications

Nodejs development for realtime applications Why startups choose Nodejs

Swift development:

For any startups, faster development is a must checkbox to fill in. Any delay in the process of “ideation to implementation” will push you out of the race. Developers can build things quickly with the NodeJS giving your startups a massive advantage.

NodeJS comes with module for all your project-needs. Big thanks to it’s NPM eco-system which saves a lot of time. Leveraging the NPM eco-system, the developers can use pre-created and pre-used modules.

Powerful and Scalable:

NodeJS is one of the best options for the startups to ensure scalability as per one’s wish and maintain the hassle-free service for their target audience. The secret of scalability of NodeJS comes from the principle called the event loop.

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  • Cross-Platform: Applications built on NodeJS can run on Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, NonStop and Unix servers. Additionally, they can be written with the CoffeeScript[50], Dart or TypeScript, or any other language that can compile to JavaScript.
  • RealTime: The big success pie of Node.JS goes to the advantage of building real-time application. They open the scope of building and running two-way communication channels between the client and the server which helps the developers to build real time applications.

Stable solution for startup:

Startup world is not free of risks. When you launch your applications, there are lot of checklist to complete. NodeJS is an awesome technology for realtime application development and for startups. It has seen a lot, got tested, faced challenges and also stable.

Planning to consider Nodejs development for realtime applications of your startup? Talk to our experts here contact@therealpictures.com

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