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Five signs your business needs a proper marketing planning and strategy

Running a business isn’t a cakewalk and it has never been. Each business needs marketing strategy every now and then. Most businessmen consider marketing and advertising as the same thing but not many know marketing is the management process whereas advertising is just a part of it. Management plays a critical role in a business and you must understand if your business going haywire it’s because your marketing management is not in place. You need to identify where your business is lacking and these tell-tale signs can tell you that your business needs a kick-ass marketing strategy:

Five signs your business needs a proper marketing planning and strategy

Here are the five signs your business needs a proper marketing planning and strategy:

You’re still relying on conventional advertising:

Are you still investing a chunk of money in newspaper ads or printing flyers? If yes, you are losing millions of customers online. Outdoor advertising is still valuable but there is something called ‘digital marketing’ that has opened the door to connect literally anyone from all over the world. Developing a strong marketing strategy that includes online channels as well will boost your business in no time.

Your business sales are dropping day by day:

Any product that comes in to market is affected by many factors such as pricing, brand awareness, your customer relation, quality & quantity and your promotional methods. You wouldn’t want your products on the shelf eating dust, would you? With a good marketing strategy, you should review these factors to boost your sales. It’s because more sales mean more profit and more profit means healthy business! Isn’t it?

Your business doesn’t have a unique identity:

Your business should stand out from the crowd and should have its own identity. If your business has lost its identity or has become too generic to forget, it’s terribly wrong with your marketing. Effective marketing defines what a brand is and what it does. With the help of a well-known marketing agency create your logo and a catchy slogan that should make customers never forget your brand

Your business isn’t gaining loyalty from the customers:

Are your first-time buyers never returned to you again? Think about it 100 times before planning out your next advert. Customers’ loyalty to your brand is an utmost part of the business. Customers who frequently buy from you will advertise your business for free only if you keep them happy by offering special deals; consistent quality and making them feel special. Go out of your way and make that super sleek marketing strategy that will keep customers wandering around your brand.

Your business has no department called ‘Customer Service’.

So you’ve launched product newly? How is it? What’s the price? Why should I try it? There are many skeptic minds who want to try out the product but your business does not have customer service to answer their doubts. Here again, you’re losing on a good amount of customers. A professional marketing team can help you to chalk out a great customer service department that will bring more happy smiles.

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