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Seven Ways You Can Increase Your Memory Power

Have you forgotten the grocery list? Trying to think hard where is your mobile set? Then you are suffering from weak memory. Don’t worry you are not alone. Many people are facing this situation. Memory depends on the functioning of our brain. As the time passes our memory power becomes weak. As we grow old we forget many things. We can stop this decline by following some techniques in our daily life. Here are the seven ways you can increase your memory power

Seven Ways You Can Increase Your Memory Power

Eat Right

Eating right foods is very essential for proper brain functions. Avoid junk and processed foods. Avoid the foods which contain Trans Fat. Increase the intake of some memory friendly foods in your diet. Healthy diets leads good brain functioning. Brain needs constant energy for regular functioning. Intake low protein foods like fish and take plenty of water. Consume antioxidants rich fruits like-Apple, Berry, Avocado and leafy vegetables. Antioxidants help in the maintenance of brain cells. You can consume Red Wine at moderate level. Red Wine contains Resveratrol which prevents cell damage.

Take some memory booster foods like Brahmi and Ashwagandha. These are considered memory boosting tonic over the centuries. You can take Ashwagandha in powder form and Brahmi can be taken in liquid form. Experience a magical change in your brain power.

Do Meditation

Meditation works wonder for brain cells. Do you know meditation helps to release mental stress? Meditation in early morning increases mental strength and boost up the memory power.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Adequate sleep is very essential for proper brain functioning. Poor sleep leads to poor memory. Get a good sleep and wake up refreshed every morning. You need on an average 7- 8 hours sleep every day. Good Sleep sharpens the brain power.

Solve Puzzles

Solving puzzles increases thinking ability. Solving crossword puzzles or logical puzzles like Sudoku satisfy your mental hunger and increases your observing skills and improves the memory power.

Maintain a diary

Be organized. If you forget things easily pen down to-do lists in a diary. Maintain the diary regularly. Be consistent to jot down your assignments and deadlines in the diary. Keep an eye at the diary to check whether you have completed the task or not. This will surely improve your memory.

Learn new things

Keeping yourself busy with new things is very important. It will keep you mentally active. If you learn new languages or new sports it sharpens your mental capacity and improves the memory.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is the best way to stimulate your brain cells. Regular exercise like jogging, brisk walking or simple freehand exercises increase the blood supply to brain. Brain cells get activated to work better.

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