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Easy and Natural Home Remedies To Control Diabetes or Blood Sugar Level

Because of our fast food in our fast life and high intake of sugar, it is not a new thing to know that every second person we meet suffers from high blood sugar (Hyperglycemia).

To regulate your blood sugar level you not only have to avoid sugar rich foods but you also have to intake healthy food that will help you to maintain balance of your sugar level and you can easily do this by simply adding two healthy ingredients into your daily ingestion which are Cinnamon and Clove.

Home Remedies to control Diabetes

The finest ingredients trusted by doctors help in regulating blood sugar.

Home Remedies to Control Diabetes and How these ingredients work

  • Cinnamon promotes and keeps digestion system better. This spice also acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent and also aids body to exercise glucose efficiently.
  • Second mystic spice clove, if you intake on daily basis this will help to reduce glucose level and control ineffective glucose circulation in bloodstream.

Collectively, cinnamon and clove operate glucose in a healthier way and sustain the triglycerides count and cholesterol levels low that helps to keep away diabetes. These are really beneficial for the patients of diabetes as well as for people with pre-diabetic symptoms.

How you can use them

You can use these ingredients in various healthy recipes but personally I prefer to add these ingredients in making a luscious tea.

Take a 5 liters of water and add 3 grams of cloves and 2 sticks of cinnamon (Don’t use powder as it is not water soluble).

Making it in large quantities will allow water to absorb all healthy qualities of both the ingredients and it will be an instantly available vigorous drink to you.

However, you can use these healthy spices with some food items too, like you can sprinkle it over fish, meats, vegetables, stir fries etc.

I have included here one brief list of warning signs that will help you to identify high blood sugar:

Symptoms of Moderate high blood sugar:

  1. Feeling weak.
  2. Feeling dry within.
  3. Constantly feeling thirsty.
  4. ​Losing weight without any appropriate cause.

Symptoms of Acute High Blood Sugar:

  1. No appetite to eat.
  2. Feeling awfully thirsty every time.
  3. Heavy eyes and unclear vision.
  4. Headache
  5. Dehydration

You don’t need to worry if you are feeling one of the moderate symptoms of high blood pressure. On the contrary if you are suffering from more than one symptoms, then you should consult your family doctor once. Hope you are benifited from these Home Remedies to control Diabetes

Sources: Sharecare and LiveStrong

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