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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads , Tips For Effective Online Advertising

Looking to promote your business online? Or to advertise your business/products/services online, which in turn help in increasing sales/revenue for your business?  Then the obvious route you choose is to tie up with Google  Ads or Facebook Ads who claim to help in increasing your sales/revenue.

But have you ever thought how can Google or Facebook help any business in increasing their sales/revenue? Google or Facebook don’t sell any Company’s products/services directly & take commissions for doing so.

When you spend money on either Google Ads or Facebook Ads all they will give you in return is how many impressions they served, how many views, how many clicks, and to an extent how many registrations (Leads) none of which are $$$ revenue. What is going on in the world of online advertising? Are we getting cheated?

Well sadly, it is true that all the businesses that look to spend money on online advertising are getting cheated. So what has happened is these big online advertising players have created their own world & made the whole world believe in it & fall for its trap.  Let’s explain it with few examples…

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads
Google Ads vs Facebook Ads


Google or Facebook won’t sell your products

Neither Google or Facebook will sell your products/services, if you are a company trying to sell your products/service then only you can ensure your products are sold. Google or Facebook cannot ensure sales for your business. They can only help you in online advertising/branding

Nobody can give you sales in return for your Ad spending

In return for your advertisement spending Google or Facebook can only provide you how many impression they served, how many views, how many clicks, how many sign ups etc & none of which are sales or revenue!! it’s just a fancy  number they call it analytics. Can Google or Facebook guarantee how many sales/revenue they can generate for your Ad spending?? Answer is no, because they can’t, and in fact nobody can guarantee you that. Its a complete responsibility of a business owner.

Having complete control on your Ad campaign won’t help in increasing sales

Yes both Facebook & Google will give you complete control on your Ad spending, they will let you choose what kind of campaign you wish to run, type of Ad, target geography, type of people to be targeted, age group and many many more. So literally you can decide how you want to try your Ad spending. But then the question is will this guarantee you sales??…  No, because sales is a different ball game.

Spending money on advertising will increase the sales is a Wrong Assumption

Then our wrong assumption that spending money on advertisement will directly increase the sales volume,   if this was the case then everyone will launch some product, borrow money from banks & spend it on advertisement & see the increase in sales volume of their product & ultimately everyone will become rich & the life will be so easy. Why it isn’t happening…?  Why every companies are struggling/working hard to increase their sales volume…?  Because we have to realize that advertising is only a branding option which will not give immediate result, we have to advertise & build the brand, reach the audience & slowly we will start getting the results. You no more need to research for Google Ads vs Facebook Ads , Tips For Effective Online Advertising . Advertising is a complete gamble which every businessman should consider spending but do it as a brand building activity & never depend on any analytics you get from your Ad campaign (because these analytics will not give you sales, plain and simpleJ )


Advertising is only a branding option which will not directly impact on sales volume, it will only have indirect impact on the sales volume. So as a business owner what you need to do is consider advertising only as a branding building activity, advertise your business wherever possible or wherever its appropriate & economical, don’t believe/consider analytics, clicks, views, traffic etc (because for example when someone says hey I have 10 million visitors on my website, come & advertise on my site, there is no guarantee that any one of that 10 million visitor will buy your product)  So spending money on advertisement is a complete risk that a Business Owner should take which may or may not give any result (sales) immediately.  It’s a complete bet you are taking & you may or may not get a good result (sales). But such bets are worth taking & you should not hesitate to take it because it will for sure help in your company brand building activity.

In conclusion, as a Business owner you should spend money on advertisement, but consider it only as branding option, find out which all websites, blogs etc are good to advertise your business, reach out to them & buy an Ad space in those websites. And if you wish to advertise on this website please Contact Us Here or call us at +91 9986348493 or email us directly at contact@therealpictures.com 

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  1. I have a business which I want advertise on Google ad/Facebook but I don’t know how to go go about it.

  2. I want to make a advert on Google ad/Facebook ad but don’t know how to go about it.

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