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Get over your ex or your ex will get over you and spoil your happiness

Broke up? Well, all people do. Probably, nobody is lucky enough to find a soulmate in just a single catch because of mistake-full human nature. You might be wondering: But now what? How do I get over all this crap? Well, I have here some tips which won’t bring you back to normal but rather will aspire you to become a better person than you were before.

Get over your ex
Get over your ex

Here is how to Get over your ex

Turn the tap on to release all the annoying hot water

By that, I mean cry! As loud as you can and as much as you want. Think all bad about your ex even if it might hurt. Then just clean your room and phone of their pictures. Don’t talk about them at all! Don’t watch their favorite movies nor listen to their best songs. Don’t do anything you loved doing with them. Come on! Be strong.

Laugh your heart out

Believe me laughing after losing that one person is like eating a pizza or whatever food you love. You’ve cried enough to let another tear out of those damn eyes! Now it’s time to rejoice for you’re out of a budding break-up trauma.

Ain’t swimming a nice idea?

Indulge yourself in physical activities. Go swim or ride horse or play basketball. Learn a new game like archery. These outdoor games release depression more than you can imagine. Plus, they get you toned too.

Family love is the best love

There must be some family member in whom you confide. Go to them; tell them what’s happening with you. If there’s no one then you need to be close to your family because you’ve been too far from them. Tell your parents you love them, spend time with them, and buy a gift to any of them from your pocket money. This love-share will comfort you like no other love can.

Do you think religion can sort things out?

It might seem absurd to a lot of people but it can be a great lasting remedy. Listen to your heart and soul. Be closer to God. It will satisfy your inner self. Pray and see your life changing within a couple of days. If nothing in religion attracts you. Do yoga!

Want to blurt out your feelings?

Go ahead and write in your journal. Buy one if you don’t have it. No interest in such things? Find a random email and tell someone all you want. Don’t forget to tell each single thing to your best crazy friend but if you have a bunch of nice friends go watch a sci-fi movie rather than to talk of crap people.

Are you a student? Most probably you are

Concentrate on your studies and surprise your parents with good grades. Tell your class fellows that you are much more than everybody thinks. Trust me the sexiest person in the class is the one with good grades and arresting smile.

On vacations and nothing to do?

Travel, Camp, Hike. Are there any better options? If you love to stay at home then read a novel without much sad romance. You might also like to enjoy sleepovers or club-parties.

If nothing works then go find out a nice someone!

Allow yourself to flirt around if you are having a desperate desire to go back to your ex. Find someone new but never go back to your old one. Try your best to avoid serious relationship so that you can think things out. Know yourself and celebrate your single hood.

Whatever you do to get over your ex remember that all love starts from self love and you can’t love yourself until you know and respect yourself. If someone ditched you, it could have been for any reason, then know that they never deserved you. If you won’t get over your ex then the thoughts of your ex will get over you and you will never be able to stay happy.

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