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Try Introspecting Your Situation And Free Yourself From Depression

Among the crowd he stood so far in the corner, gave out a rude vibe who ever tried to mingle with him. No joke made him laugh, no work took his interest, No friend got his time. He only wished to be back on his bed and sleep. To the people who tried to reason with him heard him say; “LEAVE ME ALONE! I am depressed!”

Try Introspecting Your Situation And Free Yourself From Depression

In the current era of technology and comfort, anxiety disorders, stress, depression, bipolarity seems to fit into the section of commonly used words. It is estimated that 45% of people are tend to suffer from any form of this psychological issue and the diagnosis centers growing in an alarming rate.

Here a lot many questions arise; Is it actually depression or that fancy psychological disorder you got to know from Google search that defines your condition or are you simply feeling low with lack of motivation and boredom? Are these diagnostic centers to help you psychologically which is actually are to feed you positivity with courses of advices that even your family could have helped you with and some random interpretation test to analyze your issue effective?

I don’t think so! Depression or those disorders are severe hopeless conditions. There is relatively less genuine cases of psychological disorders and diagnostic centers, rest falls into categories of induced illness due to external influences or made up thoughts or wrongly interpreted conditions.

‘ I am suffering from xxx he declared alarmingly, during his preparation of biology assignment on that disease as he found all the symptoms given in net matches with his conditions’

Sounds funny right?! But this might have happened to lot many might be at least some doubts on it. Considering these scenarios I infer these set to be reason for your faked illness:

Lack of motivation:

Current trend in teenager shows that they are more detached from channelizing their strengths into an aim or a strong dream; the concept of role model and idols are fading away. They don’t a need to achieve things as they are fed to them or easily available and once failed in anything they tend to drop it rather than working on it.


Don’t take me wrong here! Technology is good, pretty good but anything can turn into poison when it is used wrong. Easy availability of things makes people more laid back and lazy a little stress or work load takes them off balance; keep yourself busy with productive works and guess what empty mind and hands are devils tools! (Yes! I modified it a bit :))

Social media:

The current trend of social media fame and popularity induce sense of insecurity in people, they tend to worth them according to the number of likes they got on their posts or pics… slow down there people, see there are Appliker kind of apps to generate likes , they are all fake !


See little knowledge is dangerous and whatever you see on net is not true (well what I am saying is true, trust me! 😛 ) There are n number of diseases and n number of symptoms and they are just general ones chances are that some might match your situations that doesn’t mean you have to click for new tab to search for medications, there are chances that you falsely believe that you are ill and that belief turns you one after all you are what you believe!


Similar to self diagnosis there are hell lot of people to suggest you that you are suffering from this and that and go meet that guy there or that Guruji or Swamiji who is powerful enough to take apple from free air *magic* ( no offence) or if you are seriously suffering from it simply asks you to keep smiling as if that will solve everything. They are not the ones who decide what you are and what you will be; wrong advices and choices can push you deep!

Hormones and Relationship Failures:

This is very much common, I can say there will be rarely any without a failed affair or heartbroken part in their life. That is how life rolls, when life gives you lemons for free be a good entrepreneur and sell them with a good profit by making lemonade or something and make some damn money :)

Try Introspecting Your Situation And Free Yourself From Depression

So next time when you feel low try introspecting your situations, talking to your loved ones and if you need help I am pretty much sure you will be having people to help you out just shed your ego and ask for it: just talk over it … I believe 99% of problems can be solved with open talks, it works wonders! You are not psychologically ill, you are just bored or sad without motivation. So just gear up your ass and start being productive in company of good friend circles, above all keep smiling, yes! I said that here don’t take it like cliché; smile is a curve that can set many things straight :)

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  1. From above i experienced everything yes for now i am not depressed but yes.. bcoz of the same reason once i were.. while reading this i can imagine my situation what i was and what i am now??? Talking with your loved ones helps you but currently problem is whom u call your loved ones dont treat you the same.

  2. A very good article! Depression is still a taboo topic and a person going through depression is thought to be a “looser”. Which is pretty sad because it can affect anyone.

    I liked your point on ‘Society’. It’s so damn accurate. People these days go to babas and all for some quick solutions and not any real spiritual or emotional growth. Most of them think the placebo effect to be real spirituality only to fall back into the same old patterns of vanity.

    You could have elucidated more on the Introspection point. Introspection and contemplation helped me a lot personally so I would suggest each person to give themselves the privilege of solitude! Also do check out my article on a similar topic on my blog “Letting go of sadness:The Grief Granny”.

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