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5 Secret Strategies of Core Advertising to Increase Sales And Revenue

In today’s competitive environment, it is very hard for challenging brands to encapsulate in the market with full exposure, which is why they require concerted advertising strategies. It is obvious that advertising has a significant impact but it is not adequate to randomly adopt some advertisement options and expecting to attain remarkable results.


Advertising is an indispensable tool which requires a more planned and strategic approach that helps in brand foundation in the market segments you have not presided. Core advertising strategies focus not only on the product awareness but enticing customers to demand additional information and thus help the challenger brands to proliferate.  Fierce competition has made the Ad world more complex, but behind the walls there are some Secret strategies exists that forms the base of booming advertisement, and understanding this focal base will help you to reach efficiently to your customer.

Here are some Core advertising secret strategies that every challenger brand should consider before plunging into the Ad world:

Smart Budget: when it comes to advertisement, large companies hold hundreds of designed advertising plan with huge budget and flexibility for experimentation. But it is difficult for underdogs to whom every penny counts, and for such challengers, most effective way is to treat every elements of marketing as advertisement mace.

Take this example of underdog Dollar shave club—deals in personal grooming products—that used a smart budget strategy and turned ad-budget disadvantage into advantage. They simply made an idiosyncratic YouTube video explaining about their brand, product and value they offer. As a result, within the first two days Dollar shave club inveigled 12,000 sign ups and nailed the objective of advertising and marketing with one hit.

Brand Building: How do you feel while interacting with a stranger? Uncomfortable in the beginning. Right? If stranger sounds ethically good and fair, it unpretentiously seizes our attention. Similarly, Advertising is a mode for company to communicate with target market about their product, and decisive key to win over trust and turn target market into potential customers lies at the ad-instigation.

Brand foundation with strong ethical beliefs naturally encourages people to align with the brand. When consumers rely on the company’s integrity and start believing the brand is the Right-choice organization, Company and customers begin to share a strong bond with each other. Precise Branding is important as it leaves an impression on the consumer, and consumer carries that image in mind and acts as an adherent promoter of the brand. Developing relations with potential customers on social media is most effective way of brand building.

Go viral with social media: Be smart with the social media intake where more than 70% online adults chip in actively. This provides a fertile platform to fortify the brand roots as well as to prospect new business. Increased exposure, decreased expenses and an opportunity to communicate on regular basis with potential consumers bring life to the brand. Connecting personally by responding to every customer query demonstrates company value their customers and develops healthy relationship.

Open loops Inducement: Have you given a thought, why every TV serial episode ends at suspense? For a very simple reason…to keeping viewers engage in next upcoming episodes. Open loops advertisement pictures the product story inside the customer’s brain, lets readers wonder what’s next and excite viewers to involve further.

Open loops take psychological benefit of natural tendency of Human brain’s craving for conclusion. When this psychosomatic approach fuse with advertisement, whether you loom this in social media, in video script, in sales letter or in billboards, this works like magic ubiquitously.

See this compelling headline10 Signs That Prove Humans May Extinct Before 2100 , that makes every reader think what are those 10 signs. Do I know those 10 signs? That hypnotizes the reader and fuel up his curiosity to know the answers and engage his interest to associate with the topic.

Great example of this technique you can find in News companies’ masterfully crafted headline to allure countless readers. Check this news headline Secret of the White House Butlers  that clasp the brain immediately with the word secret and people flung on the article to know the secret. Consequently within the four days of publishing, the article has received 12,000 shares on social sites. It is fairly effective technique for ad designing where challenger brand wants its target market to entail and participate.

Eye on the market: Ad works for every business but it is tricky to find which ad technique will work more efficiently for our business. Opting a distinct creative way to stand out of the crowd is the best platform for challenger brands. Remain vigilant, study the market and find out innovative ways to reach out the mass audience.  Be observant and don’t let slip any opportunity from the marketing eye of the business.

Recently, survey of Clear channel UK reveals 82% of marketers in UK are unacquainted with NFC OOH advertising, which means only 18% of the UK marketers are taking the benefit of NFC’s out-of-home advertising campaign and remainders are unaware. NFC provides vast opportunities to advertisers to connect with their target market with the use of smart technology by simply tapping on the screen of smart posters, smart pictures, and users can even attach their NFC  smart phones by tapping it on the poster.

One of the leading OOH advertising companies of Canada, Astral, is procuring the advantage of NFC, specifically at street level campaigns to reach mass audience , they place smart posters integrated with exciting games and quizzes at stopovers to engage every bystander in their marketing campaign.

Strategic thinking behind every advertisement is same, what makes a difference is how we implement and what step we miss or cautiously execute while laying the strategic track of advertisement. And these are some traditional strategies with modern tools which we are not supposed to overlook.

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