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EmberJS Development Company Why EmberJS Is A Good Frontend Framework

EmberJS is one of the most talked about JavaScript frameworks. Even though Angular & React tops the list, EmberJS is not far behind. EmberJS has a list of features which are very distinctive, exclusive and convenient for developers and open up new opportunities businesses. That’s why big companies like Linkedin, Netflix & Microsoft uses EmberJS.

EmberJS development company

Here are the features of EmberJS that makes every EmberJS Development Company to fell in love with

Scalable Javascript framework:

EmberJS is an open-source JavaScript web framework. Based on the Model–view–view model (MVVM) pattern, the JavaScript framework allows developers to create scalable single-page web applications. With EmberJS developers can scale the framework to build desktop and mobile applications too.

Developers Friendly:

EmberJS follows the principles of Convention over Configuration (CoC) & Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). This is a great advantage for developers. Because in EmberJS, the developers no need to do huge amounts of repetitive code.  EmberJS is built for all web application practices. The purpose of the convention is the Speed and the Get things done quickly which EmberJS provides.

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Perfect fit for Startups:

A startup’s dream is to offer the best solutions for a huge mass. You need to make sure your application has all aspects covered and which should also offer more features and solid solution to retain the growing users list. EmberJS is a great tool for a scalable and flexible startup.


EmberJS is a progressive framework who is planning to create the future best standards. Being a next generation frontend javascript framework, the Ember has been an early adopter and pioneer of many standards around JavaScript and the web including promises, web components and ES6 syntax.

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