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“Depression” Depression is a path, which leads to hopelessness and iniquity

The quote which I have penned above is the perfect definition of “Depression”. It defines itself that how afflictive and hollow it is, when someone is depressed. But for you I really want to depict more, that what depression is, because when we don’t know how deep wound is, we can’t figure how to treat it, what is the best treatment and medicine for it.


Depression is self-destruction. When someone is depressed he/she thinks things won’t get better no matter how hard he/she tries, he/she is worthless, every time if something’s going to be wrong with, it would be him/her. All they see is darkness, hopelessness. People give up trying, when they are depressed, until there’s someone (mom, dad, and friends) who can make them feel, things can get better if you try. Nothing is impossible. All they need is support.

There are many reasons of depression, and I really want to define everyone. But, because we have a very short amount of time so, I won’t go so thoroughly, but I assure you this article will help you to understand things easily. A wise man once said, “If a 5 years old child doesn’t get what you are trying to explain then you haven’t learned that thing properly” but I presume you all people are not “5 years child” so you will get it.

Reasons are.

  • When you don’t get attention from the closest persons (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother anyone).
  • You don’t have anything new to do or lack of interest in, what you are doing.
  • Being ignored by everyone or when you try to make contact or talking terms.
  • You think no one can understand what you are going through, but you.
  • Frequent Breakdowns.
  • No appreciation and continually discouragement.

These were the reasons I could tell you and tried to tell you why you get depressed and there are very easy solutions and the interesting thing is it doesn’t cost a penny.

Don’t ignore anyone, try to meet everyone with a smiling face, if someone comes to you for help and you think it is the right thing for which he/she needs help, do help.

Appreciate if someone tries to do something and if there’s something he/she has done wrongly, don’t laugh or make joke just try to make him understand that it’s not the right way in which you’ve done, because laughing or making joke or call everyone to show what he/she has done can hurt feeling and someone can face this painful and ruthless feel and the reason will be you.

“Nothing is impossible because every night has its dawn, and there’s always light after darkness”. Everyone deserves to live a happy life, deserves to wake up with a hope all you need to do is push them lightly. “Darkness has to flee”.

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Loves to write about events of life. Things no one has ever noticed which seems so common but are the main cause of disturbance, and distraction. Doing engineering, loves music.

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