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Casual Alcohol Drinking – Is it good or bad? A subtle note against Casual Drinking

It was just a few days ago when I tried to convince my friend not to drink alcohol again. Yet after his first not-so-pleasant alcohol experience, he seemed to defend himself. WHICH I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

It’s fairly awkward to be a young adult today who hasn’t tried any sort of addictive materials, be it cigarettes, liquor and drugs etc. “everything should be tried once” , “You are so boring” blah blah blah are the usual rants that I get when I disclose this part of my personality. It’s a thing to be proud of nevertheless (for me). It’s just a simple logic of being in control of my senses. We all are aware of the social and physiological consequences one faces due to liquor addiction. But I’m not gonna talk about it. I’m sort of a rebel against casual drinking too. This article is not about proving anything, it’s just a thought that I think is worth sharing…


Coming back to my conversation that I had with my friend who tried alcohol just once. He was quick to point out the cough syrup that I consume to cure my cold. I said it’s not the only way to cure cough and cold, not to mention the role of alcohol in this syrup is of a sedative and not the actual medicine.

He said “small amount of alcohol is good for you!” This was the point where I freaked out! Mentally… Because there is a difference between “good for you in small amount” and “Not unhealthy in small amount”. As for an example a bit of stress is good for you… It will keep you concerned about your duties, make you push harder for a better performance and keep you motivated- “Oh my god! That’s an assignment I’ll have to complete in 3 days and submit it on Monday” sounds a bit of stress that one can manage. That’s “Good for you in small amount”, we all know the consequences of stressful life. While “Not unhealthy in small amount” is like a cheese burger once a week. Cheese burger is an unhealthy junk food loaded with fat and hard to consume calories. But once in a week consumption might not give you high cholesterol. In another way the difference between “Not unhealthy in small amount” and “Good for you in small amount” is like the difference between +1 and -1, which is just 2 digits but one is negative and another a positive!! So the consumption of Alcohol in small amount is “not unhealthy”, “good for you?” Not even close.

Yes, for the matter of fact, the casual drinking of alcohol will not give you a liver failure straightaway, but it’s not the amount of high quality alcohol a.k.a. vodka, whisky or beer (Idk what else) consumption which is a matter of concern, it’s just the perception to accept an unhealthy drink. Not having a problem with a social evil.  We don’t say its all right to steal small amount of money- once in a week, So why a yes to Liquor?

I’m not here to quote various anti-alcoholic slogans, or spill out research findings because overall, everyone knows it. I’m just here to enlighten my disquiet that even its casual liking can be a path towards after effects we don’t welcome. Because, Truth be told- every alcoholic starts casually.

“Ignorance is a bliss” and what we are doing is ignorantly starting a habit which at the end of the day can be disastrous. Even at a small amount of consumption, you lose your senses or at least loosen your grip on them. It’s a direct effect on the brain. The long term effects are for sure ugly but that but of dizziness after a peg isn’t beautiful either.

All for the summing up, its probably the tastelessness in us and our lives that makes us turn towards getting wasted, losing our senses, running from problems and sleeping for hours to come- That’s nothing like “Fun” which alcoholics define it to be. Try a nice movie or a ride or a workout, out of so many colors of life, “Brownish orange” isn’t the best.

At the end my friends, I’ll just suggest you all to keep the life clean and safe… YOLO might sound cool but it’s actually just an excuse given before doing something stupid! Which is overall is immature and… STILL STUPID!

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