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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie Review and First impression

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is ultimately here, but has divided the fans and critics about the movie. I myself, despite being a fan of DC Comics-who was eagerly waiting for the movie, had a mixed reaction. Although I gave it a second try…

When I first saw the movie, I left the theater with a bit of confusion about the movie as well as how much I would rate it. Being a fan of DC Comics, I never wanted to bash the movie, but truth to be told, I wasn’t satisfied. Whoever asked me, how was the movie, I said “It was good, just a bit messy and overstuffed.” I saw the show on Friday 25th March, with my friend who is equally a huge fan of the franchise. On Sunday, we discussed about how the movie could have been better. My friend told that in one of the review he saw on YouTube, the reviewer said that he enjoyed the movie more on the second viewing.

Batman v Superman
Batman v Superman

Mixed feelings and complaints

The initial complaint was about hard to follow plot-line and subplots. I wasn’t understanding what Lois Lane was doing with that bullet. Lex Luthor’s motives were hard to understand and Batman’s body count was concerning. Having watched all the Teasers, Trailers and TV Spots, All the time I was searching for what’s new, I ultimately left with wanting more of it. I wasn’t plain disappointed, but this not being a masterpiece was eating me up.

Birth of the desire to watch it again

It was a holiday on Monday and we decided to ignore it so that we can avoid any rush. We ultimately made the plan for Thursday morning. By then, I read a lot of comments on Facebook and Instagram about how much enjoyable the movie experience becomes on the second viewing. I suddenly started to remember how I felt quite the same when I watched Man of Steel, I had similar issues but my point of view changed with the second viewing, My excitement was increasing. We got the first show of the day, and reached a bit late and missed most of Opening credits, one of the favorite scene of the movie. I finished the movie without any further problem.

Reactions from the Second Viewing

With knowledge of the plot, I had much more freedom to look for details, pay attention to every dialogue, read everyone’s expression etc.

The First thing that I noticed was that the pacing wasn’t a problem at all. Messy editing was now non-existent. Lois Lane and her bullet investigation was a true reporter stuff and appreciable character development. Senator Finch was a strong intelligent woman refusing to be manipulated. Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor was a layered personality, In public, trying to act like a good man but unable to hide his true self. It’s a triumph of his acting skills that he acted so nicely and the way he manipulated everyone around. Coming to our main heroes, I loved both Henry Cavill’s Superman/Clark Kent and Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne while Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was the icing on the cake. The situations that drove the characters was much more clearer. The misplaced moralities and the feeling of being a burden with powers was very well executed. All my complaints were fading away and ultimately ended when the Wonder Woman was viewing meta human files, from then the movie was a thrilling rollercoaster. The pace was picking up, excitement was sky high. And ultimately the Final battles came up I was just smiling with happiness. It was a Masterpiece, an Epic, a new Chapter – A new legendary Chapter being added to the Superhero genre.

When the movie ended both me and my friend were feeling satisfied (probably beyond satisfied) and with genuine intense feeling due to the dark and mature theme. A very mature and relatable question that was left in my mind- “Is Justice ensured when you have Power?” The movie wasn’t just a great cinematic experience, but also deep and psychological, capable of questioning human psyche about the relationship between Power and Justice.

I’ll henceforth debate anyone who has negative views about movie. I’ll suggest everyone to watch it twice and allow this masterpiece to blend in Yourself.

BONUS: My top 10 most effective moments 


10: Every Superman arrival scene with sonic booms being heard from distance.

9: Batman’s Entry on the top of crane with a sniper.

8: Superman’s expression after US capitol bombing.

7: Bruce Wayne and Alfred’s “They were hunters” conversation.

6: Batman investigating Lex with both warning each other.

5: Wayne Family murder scene.

4: Lex and Superman’s first face to face conversation on helipad.

3: Batman vs Superman fight.

2: The entry of Wonder Woman and Everything after that.

 !! Honorable mentions!!

The Metropolis battle scene

Dystopian dream sequence

All Meta human cameos

Lois releasing her hands from terrorist’s arm after the arrival of Superman

All Superman saving people scenes

Conversation between Lex and Senator Finch

Batman chase sequence

Death of Superman


1: Batman saves Martha

PS: Don’t buy popcorn, it will distract you. Critics are crazy this time, It’s unfortunate that the movie is being criticized beyond logic. Eagerly waiting for the R rated director’s cut with ½ hour longer running time. Watch it twice, Everyone!

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