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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, trailer 3 – In Depth Analysis

The third trailer of highly anticipated upcoming comic movie dropped last week. Shutting down lots of speculation, while opening up some more. The most iconic battle of the most iconic superheroes is happening, and every statement from the cast or crew, a teaser or a trailer takes the internet traffic higher. That’s how you define the anticipation of Batman v Superman: dawn of justice. As the latest trailer dropped last week, on Jimmy Kimmel live, the market of speculation opened up again… So it’s our time to do some in-depth analysis, it’s going to be a long analysis with every possible details being stretched and see what fans think about it.


The Trailer opens at a party, possibly a sort-of fundraiser organized by Lex Luthor. The highlight is the conversation between Clark Kent (Superman) and Bruce Wayne (Batman). This verbal conflict is one of the most awe inspiring moments. Both superheroes taking a stand for their brand of justice while using their social alias name, is certainly a nicely written, amazingly directed and perfectly acted sequence. Not to miss the Joker reference! And just when everyone thinks that the boys are about to jump into a fist fight straight away, “Boys! Hmm” Lex Luthor steals the show with a timed sarcasm.

Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent, Hah! I love it…

In Depth:

  • Bruce Wayne probably knows Clark is Superman, he’s hinting at it with joker reference
  • Clark has No idea who he’s talking to
  • Lex knows Clark’s secret too, Why would a billionaire know a reporter’s name, matter of the fact, Clark isn’t a senior
  • Lex just wants the public to have a bad idea about Superman, and he isn’t missing any chances

The Trailer goes on to show various already seen footage’s and dialogues with some additional details of already known scenes, Superman’s trail, Lex’s manipulation of Senator, Batcave, conversation of Bruce and Alfred, Nightmare Batman sequence with Parademons Easter egg etc. A few more Batman vs Superman sequences and Bruce Wayne’s miserable time in Metropolis.

In Depth:

  • Batman and Superman’s battle is longer than expected
  • The various “superman saving people” sequences seems like redemption for all the “Superman isn’t saving people” criticism for Man of Steel
  • Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is a villain we still have crossed fingers for
  • The Metropolis destruction might be the opening sequence of the movie for two reasons- First; movies usually open with a mega sequence in the beginning. Second, this mega sequence is usually a major plot point and as we all know, Bruce Wayne’s personal presence in metropolis is one of the clever plot points to be pulled off

The trailer goes into the final moments with a small drop in music to just a few drum beats as it’s time when filmmakers decided “Hmm let’s drop the big bomb here”. Shutting down months of speculation about the movie having “Doomsday” in it. Doomsday the infamous villain who is more or less the “Bane” of Superman.

As Lex brings the General Zod’s dead corpse to experiment, something really bad is happening, you could tell with the dark music in background. He is using what seems to be like some Kryptonian tech left behind. First time seemingly losing his cool and unleashing the Devil to kill the godlike figure of Superman. As doomsday makes his entry, many people were disappointed to what I believe is a good punch for not-so-comic friendly audiences. Ultimately, The Official synopsis that told us about a threat for humanity has arrived and it was more than obvious to get the trinity together… Not to forget Wonder woman’s epic saving batman’s ass sequence.

In Depth:

  • Doomsday should evolve or Zack Snyder will end up facing similar criticism of “Man of Steel”. It seems he’ll, there are half grown spikes around
  • Wonder woman’s involvement in the plot is still mystery, so not a lot of spoiler in her for me
  • Lex Luthor has reverse engineered the phantom drive technology, probably. Those bluish electric lights are strikingly similar to the phantom drive. What’s he doing? Bringing Kryptonian rocks to make doomsday’s skin!
  • Final shot of trinity getting together is more than obvious thing to happen, anyone shouting that this moment is a spoiler is suggesting why humans aren’t as advanced as Kryptonians
  • Batman should have a background work in the battle, he can nowhere battle doomsday with that GUN?


It’s an overall balanced trailer but the final moments aren’t well received. Still, most people who blatantly say that they won’t see the movie, will still watch it. Doomsday’s revelation isn’t huge spoiler. Moreover, the trinity’s first silver screen debut is a huge selling point. Hopefully, there will be more in the story, Chris Terrio and David S Goyer! Our eyes are on you!

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