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I am Priyanka Rajput and I have 2 years experience in the Internet Marketing Industry. I am an amiable content writer and designated as a Content writer & SEO expert at Covetus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I have written many articles on technology and health topics for sites like tectalk.in and hrelate.in. My current official blogs are on yogkala.com & technology and health category of stillunfold.com and I have also started writing for my personal site lifeqna.co.in. Below are some links of sites- References: http://tectalk.net/fossil-q-founder/ http://tectalk.net/travel-steam-iron/ https://hrelate.in/doctor-blog/is-it-a-dental-emergency http://www.yogkala.com/types-of-meditation-techniques/ http://www.lifeqna.co.in/technology/how-to-unlock-google-maps-hidden-driving-mode/ http://www.lifeqna.co.in/technology/seo-search-engine-optimization/