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AngularJS development team for Single Page Application Development

AngularJS development team for Single Page Application


Single page application is the new trend in web and mobile application. The success of the social media application has triggered the use of single page application. In single page application, the users don’t need to go around different pages instead serve his purposes from a single page.

AngularJS development team for Single Page Application


Why people are going crazy over Single Page Application?

  • The development is simplified and streamlined. Programmers need to write less code to render pages on the server. For a developer, it is much easier to get started because one can usually kick off development from a file http://file://URL, without using any server at all.
  • The single page applications are easy to debug, as one can monitor network operations, investigate page elements and data associated with it.
  • Even with the single page application, it’s lot easier to make a mobile application. Here the developer has the luxury to reuse the same code for web application and native mobile application.
  • Biggest breakthrough for the SPA is that it separates UI and data.

AngularJS development team

Benifits of AngularJS

Cross Platform: With AngularJS, your Single Page Application will be compatible with every platform. That will certainly not hurt the performance as the apps developed with the AngularJS are progressive, optimized for high-performance and zero stop installation.

Performance: Developed in AngularJS, the single page applications will load quickly. The secret behind the magic is the component router which delivers automatic code-splitting where the users only load code needed to view the request.

UI Support: When it comes to user-interface and user-experience, your single page application needs to be a breathtaking yet hassle-free experience. AngularJS scores big here.

Better productivity: The AngularJS is powered by a robust testing feature which will help you test your Single Page Application from every corner.

Flexibility: Once you have AngularJS in your arsenal, creating a single page application becomes easier than ever.  The framework provides options to create high-performance, complex choreographs and animation timelines.

Maintenance:Developing a single page application with the AngularJS will help you to maintain it in future. The framework is so well built that when an experienced AngularJS works on it, the delivered applications is turned out to be an easy-to-maintain one.

AngularJS is a wonderful framework to build the Single Page. Interested in developing a single page application? Contact our expert AngularJS development team for Single Page Application

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