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Angular 5 for startups What are the latest features in Angular 5 and Why developers likes it

The famous Javascript based framework is back again with latest version. Now with more interesting and enhanced features.

Angular 5 for startups

Angular 5 for startups what are the latest features in Angular 5 and how they will help.

Http client for all applications

Angular 5 will be recommending HttpClient for all applications. In earlier Angular version they delivered HttpClient in @angular/common. But now to update to HttpClient, one will need to replace HttpModule with HttpClientModule from @angular/common/http in each of your modules, inject the HttpClient service, and remove any map(res => res.json()) calls, which are no longer needed. With the new feature, you will be able to directly use object literals as headers or parameters.

Default Build Optimizer

Angular team keeps working on making the framework smaller, faster and easier to use. Consider “Build Optimizer” as an example. From the Angular 5, production builds created with Common Line Interface (CLI) will now apply the build optimizer by default.

Operates as TypeScript Transforms

The Angular compiler now operates as a TypeScript transform. The programmers can take advantage of it by running ng serve with the AOT flag turned on. This is a major development.

Angular 5 for startups

Option to or not to Preserve Whitespace

In the Angular 5, you can choose to or not to preserve whitespace coming from your components and your application. Earlier tabs, newlines and spaces in your templates have been faithfully recreated and included in your build by the compiler.

Advanced decorator support

Angular 5 supports expression lowering in decorators for lambdas and the value of use Value, use Factory and data in object literals. It will allow the programmers to use values that can only be calculated at runtime in decorators for expressions that are lowered.

New Lifecycle Events

In Angular 5, they have added new lifecycle events to the router. It will help the developers to track the cycle of the router from the start of running guards to completion of activation.

Availability of number date and currency pipe

In older Angular version, the programmers had to rely on browser to provide number, date and currency formatting using browser i18 APIs. But in Angular 5, there are new number, date, and currency pipes that increase standardization across browsers. There is also an update on the pipes. It will help to use their implementation, relying on the CLDR to provide extensive locale support and configurations.

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