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10 Signs That Prove Humans May Extinct Before 2100, Are we heading towards the sixth mass extinction?

Perhaps it is not a new thing for all of us to hear about the doomsday prophecies, but this time something is seriously fishy! And you will be shocked to know that humans will extinct in the coming 100 years. Previous extinctions are believed to have been caused by natural planetary catastrophe, but this time all the glory goes to human activities. Scientists have told to be watchful as we are heading towards the Earth’s sixth mass extinction.



10 Water Crises

The world has total 37 main fresh water aquifers, and out of 37 fresh water sources, 21 have passed their sustainability tipping points. Research conducted by the NASA’s scientists clearly demonstrates that groundwater is rapidly depleting at alarming rates. The situation is getting more critical in North West India, Pakistan, North Africa and California. It is soon going to be the next global crisis.

NASA’s top water scientist has warned that California has only one year of water left with no back up plans. But we guess Nestle do have some secret plans, who is draining 80 million gallons of water annually from Sacramento aquifers alone during drought. Aquifers take thousands of years to fully recharge with water from rain and snow-melt, but as corporations are rapidly drilling water, the state of fresh water reservoir is under great stress.  Water calamity is approaching like a bat out of hell and that would be the biggest threat in the 21st century.

9 Diminishing Ocean

With the increasing regional scarcity of water, California’s hope is now relying on the ocean for clean drinking water. While desalinated water can cost three to five times more to people in terms of money, it will cost vastly environment too. Desalination plants disturb the sea life by killing small aquatic creatures and disrupting food chain.

Fine, water is essential for living! And if we increase a little degree of our selfishness more and forget about the economic and environmental consequences, then also the actual condition of ocean won’t allow us to compose our thirst for long.

The Pacific Ocean is hiding a horrible secret behind its terrific beauty of clear, luminous water. The ocean off the coast of California is dying, food chain is collapsing and a report says it is turning into a desert, and remainder has turned into a plastic junkyard. In a recent study published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), it is found that 88% of the Earth’s ocean surface is polluted with plastic. As per research, North Pacific Ocean is more devastated with plastic pollution. All the marine mammals, including fish, are consuming the fragments of floating plastic and thus affecting the marine life badly.

8 Population Explosion

The U.N has projected that world population will reach 9.3 billion in 2050 and its consequences will be dreadful on the environment, social and economical development.  As a result of our growing population, we have invaded every continent on the Earth and have wiped out all the trees and forest, and eventually became the ultimate invasive species by driving away all the wild life from their native habitats – which led them to their death on a huge scale.

The increasing population of Humans are reaching (perhaps reached!) to a point where it will destroy the Homo sapiens entirely. If we do not curb our growing numbers now, then our idiocy will lead us to the extreme catastrophe and we will suffer the same fate as the people on the Easter Island had faced. This small island was once the pristine, flourishing island. But as the population grew, they destroyed the forests, soil eroded, food crop failed and animals extinct. They started killing each other over the scarce resources and ultimately all end with devastating consequences.

7 Quake Fault or Human Fault?

The number of earth quake hitting the world is rapidly increasing. According to a study, Central and Eastern United States witnessed average of 21 Earthquakes between 1973 and 2008, which are now touching an alarming number of 99M3+ earthquakes per year, and the toll is constantly rising.

We all are well aware with the threat that has been imposed by the leaking high level explosive Helium from Southern California’s earthquake fault zone, which in recent study found that the gas is coming from the mantle and, it is far more dangerous than originally thought. It increases the risk of devastating quake which scientists estimated California will likely experience within next 30 years.

Is it really a natural disaster or we humans are the culprit?

A survey conducted by US Geological department found that the rising number of earthquakes in the United States is the effect of fracking process – Hydraulic fracturing. It involves the drilling down into the earth and injection of water, sand and chemicals. The process is very controversial as it is not transparent which chemicals they use. The process also churns out tens of millions of gallons of toxic waste water, which according to study when infuse into deep disposal wells, cause the chain reaction related to seismic activity.

6 Nuclear Destruction

The effect of Fukushima Nuclear disaster is so gigantic that not only marine life is under threat but in fact it has started haunting human life too, as we can see the effects travelled all the way to North America. For the past four years, the destroyed reactor sites are dumping hundreds of tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean.

While mainstream media has geared up to make the fool of people by constantly denying the effect of Fukushima Nuclear radiation, the marine life is dying along the west coast of US. The carcasses of sea lions and seals when examined, they were found with high doses of radiation and yet, scientists remain “mystified.”

5 Super Volcano Eruptions

Earth experienced a nuclear winter about 70,000 years ago caused by a super volcano – Toba volcano – that once wiped out the entire life from the Earth. And now Sinabung volcano, which is just 35 kilometers from Toba, is spewing gases into the sky. Volcanologist fear that it can erupt at any time.

What had happened 250 million years ago that had wiped out all the life on Earth? Nobody is completely sure, but we do have enough evidences now to say that the extinction caused due to numerous giant mega-volcanic eruptions in the Siberian region. Gushing magma covered the Earth to a depth of about 20 feet and spewed toxic gas into the air and poisoned the environment for life to survive. The same result is expected in near future by environmentalists.

4 Boiling Earth

The nightmare of scientists has come true. The devastating result of global warming on human life has been started from the San Blas Island of Panama, where thousands of people are vulnerable to leave their land adversely. They fear that their land will be submerged wholly by the increasing sea level.

The Earth’s surface temperature is rising ominously, causing thermal expansion of ocean and melting large glaciers of Earth’s polar region. Every year sea level is rising worldwide at a rate of 0.14 inches (3.5 millimeters) since 1990’s. The consequences can be direr with a complete melt down of the Green land ice sheet, which will raise the water level to 23 feet (7 meters) – sufficient for devastation.

3 Climate Change

Today the level of carbon dioxide on Earth is as high as it was 15 million years ago; at that time permanent sea ice cap was almost of zero size in the Arctic and the Antarctica. Eminent scientists have warned that we are left with very less time to reduce the release of carbon dioxide, we need to curb this or else dire consequences of failing ecosystem will devastate human life. The brunt of climate change is already knocking the world with decreased food production, wildfires and diseases around the globe.

The calamitous condition is more due to the significant human intervention rather than natural global cycles. Interfering with climate with large scale Geo-engineering projects like injection of aerosols to cool the planet, which in oppose worsen the climate.

2 Cosmic Catastrophes

Our planet is not under threat because of avaricious humans only, but there is also a great risk of space devastation that cannot be restrained. A study of Earth’s history has showed every once in 5000 years, an object of football field size hits Earth. While there are millions of asteroids in the solar system, our scientists are currently aware of only 500 asteroids that have the potential to strike Earth.

Though NASA has declined any kind of possibilities of asteroid collision in near time, secretly they have joined hands with the National Nuclear Security Administration to tackle the asteroid strike with nuke. Though I am not Mayan or the Pope to pass any prophecy, but whenever two big companies come under one roof, it gives rise to suspicion.

1 Animal Mass Extinction

For many living beings Earth has already malformed into a squalid place and that can be calculated by their extinction rate. Data generated from a recent study testifies that 320 terrestrial animals have been obliterated from Earth since 1500 and populations of remaining animals are declining rapidly. The same way that triggered previous mass extinction.

The event of Earth’s species extinction is occurring 100 -1000 times higher than it was expected, all due to the human-intervention in animals’ inhabitant. They rip out acres of valuable forest to build their concrete jungle, and yet we call animals invasive.

Though these numbers are not representing the entire animal life, but indubitably they signify the failure of global ecosystem to support life, including human.

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